In order to continuously contribute to the global environment by focusing on the primary strength of manufacturing high performance filter products,
we are working to strengthen our governance system, 

which include the cultivation of people who spark innovation.

Contribute to the global environment through commitment to the primary strength of manufacturing excellent products

  • Leverage the manufacturing expertise, garnered through our pursuit of higher performance filters in the 70 years of our company's existence
  • Contribute to the global environment through commitment to primary strength of manufacturing excellent products as a company that comprises roughly 70% of the domestic share as well as the largest global share in construction machinery hydraulic filters
  • Meet the demands of clients with a strong awareness of environmental protection by providing longer-lasting products that will reduce downtime etc.
  • Further contribute to the environment by acquiring new business deals through our revolutionary YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ material and improved filter performance

Cultivate people who spark innovation/Safe and Reliable Products and Supply

  • Work to achieve diversity and fair performance reviews by introducing a global matrix system
  • Utilize resources flexibly by introducing a talent-management system
  • Use a business continuity plan and other methods to ensure safe and reliable products and supply

Strengthen our governance system and make it more effective

  • Introduce an Audit & Supervisor Committee that conducts enhanced committee-led auditing
  • Actively engage in dialogue with the capital market by disclosing target management indicators, etc.