Contribute to the global environment through commitment to
primary strength of manufacturing excellent products

Our company has established an environmental vision “Contribute to the creation of an abundant and sustainable society by taking responsibility for the natural environment of tomorrow.” To protect the global environment, we are constantly striving to develop new environmentally-friendly products and technologies while working to not only reduce the burden of our own business activities on the environment but also to continuously preserve the environment and prevent pollution.

Environmental Initiatives

Activity Highlights

Key Initiatives

Recent Initiatives

Promotion of environmental policy-based environmental management

  • Number of sites that have acquired ISO14001 certification:  3 (including overseas sites)
  • Setting of KPIs aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 25,000 tons through our business
  • Significant extension of lifespan of nanofiber return filters to 3,000 hours

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to the conservation of the global environment based on our corporate principle of “仕濾過事” (Rokajinitsukafuru), or “Contribute to society through filtration business”.As a manufacturer of filters, we recognize that environmental issues are critical challenges for the future. We will therefore conduct the following activities:

  1. Set environmental objectives and targets; then continuously work to improve on those areas, revising the targets as necessary.
  2. Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Focus on the following areas regarding the environmental impact of our company’s business activities:
    (1)reduce the amount of natural resources and energy consumed;
    (2)improve the management of environmentally harmful substances and encourage their replacement with less hazardous versions;
    (3)reduce the amount of waste produced and promote technologies for recycling products; and
    (4)prevent environmental pollution and promote environmental conservation in surrounding areas.
  4. Ensure that all employees and others working at our company are fully aware of this environmental policy and seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

We have acquired ISO14001:2015 certification not only in Japan but also at our Cebu Plant in the Philippines and at our development site in Suzhou, China. We enact environmental measures, under the IOS offices, overseen by the Quality Assurance Division, which are led by our president.
As a manufacturing company that consumes a considerable amount of energy in the manufacturing of products, we are steadily moving ahead with the purchase of renewable energy-derived electricity and the introduction of solar power generation systems at our sites, with the aim of taking part in the “RE Action – Declaring 100% Renewable” initiative.


Perspective drawing of new plant in Saga
Perspective drawing of new plant in Saga

Initiatives for Climate Change

Addressing Climate Change through Products

Day by day, we move forward in addressing climate change through research, development, and sales of filter products, with a focus on nanofiber technology that exerts little impact on the environment.
As an example, improving the performance of the hydraulic oil filters used in construction machinery (through enhanced precision and reduction of pressure loss) enables sufficient functionality even with small amounts of oil, allowing more compact design of oil tanks and construction machinery. These things in turn reduce fuel usage in construction machinery, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In our air filter business and healthcare business, too, we are also working toward environmental contributions by extending the lifespan of filters and by developing and producing high-performance masks that can be used repeatedly, thereby reducing waste.


Using Sustainable FITs* to Invest in Climate Change-Related Business

Utilizing funds procured through sustainable financing, we will advance business that contributes to solving environmental and social issues. This includes the introduction of recycling equipment and the expansion of production facilities for synthetic polymer nanofibers, which have a smaller environmental impact than conventional products.
* See Issuance of Stock Options (Sustainable FITs)


Initiatives to Introduce Renewable Energy-Derived Electricity and Reduce Consumption through an Energy-Monitoring System

Since November 2020, we have been gradually switching to renewable energy-derived electricity at three domestic sites: Yokosuka Media Labo., Saga Branch Office, and YRP New Research and Development Center. The new Saga Plant, which began operation in October 2021, was designed from the start to have renewable energy-derived electricity cover all electrical power used in the plant. The plant has also introduced a power monitoring system that allows monitoring usage status of individual lines, and will connect this visualization of power consumption to further action. We expect these measures to reduce CO2 emissions by 632 tons per year.


Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact

At the Saga Plant, wastewater undergoes microbial treatment using activated sludge and then uses a fine-mesh membrane (physical treatment) and pH adjustment (chemical treatment). After the water is confirmed to fall within standards, it is discharged to the outside. We regularly undergo inspections by external organizations, and have prepared systems to maintain water quality to meet standards.


Initiatives to Reduce Filter Waste

The development of products with long life cycles connects directly to waste reduction. Our company seeks to contribute to resource conservation through the development of long-life filters and high-performance masks that can be reused. Over the medium to long term, we also seek to build a recycling system for products made of synthetic polymer nanofibers.
If a product does not combine both environmental performance and customer needs, it will not be a good product, and its contribution to the environment preservation will ultimately be limited. Looking ahead, we will continue working through coordination among development, marketing, and sales to create products that offer even greater environmental performance.


On-Site Initiatives

At production sites and sales sites, we set environmental targets for individual metrics. Every employee acts as a responsible party in tackling waste separation, reduction of power consumption and fuel consumption in company-owned vehicles through eco-driving, and so on, making efforts in everyday work to meet our goals for reducing environmental impacts.