Contribute to the global environment through commitment to
primary strength of manufacturing excellent products

Basic Approach and Implementation

Our company has established a corporate vision for the environment of “contributing to the creation of an abundant and sustainable society by taking responsibility for the natural environment of tomorrow.” To protect the global environment, we are constantly striving to develop new environmentally friendly products and technologies while working to not only reduce the burden of our own business activities on the environment but also to continuously preserve the environment and prevent pollution.

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to the conservation of the global environment based on our corporate philosophy of "仕濾過事” (Rokajini Tsukafuru), or “contributing to society through filter business”.

As a manufacturer of filters, we recognize that environmental issues are critical challenges for the future and will therefore conduct the following activities:

  1. Set environmental objectives and targets, then continuously work to improve on those areas, revising the targets as necessary.
  2. Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Focus on the following areas regarding the environmental impact of our company’s business activities:
    (1)reduce the amount of natural resources and energy consumed;
    (2)improve the management of environmentally hazardous substances and encourage their replacement with less hazardous versions;
    (3)reduce the amount of waste produced and promote technologies for recycling products; and
    (4)prevent environmental pollution and promote environmental conservation in surrounding areas.
  4. Ensure that all employees and others working at our company are fully aware of this environmental policy, and seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

—This environmental policy shall be made publicly available—

All our company’s production sites are ISO 14001:2015 certified.
We’ve created an ISO Office under our president to implement systems for managing product quality and environmental activities.

Governance System

Initiatives to reduce environmental impact of society:

Expansion of YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ production sites and introducing recycling facilities
Reduce waste, maintain biodiversity, and mitigate climate change through material replacement

Our company is promoting the replacement of the glass wool used in the hydraulic filters for construction machinery with YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™. As this conversion will increase the time between filter changes by three times, we expect that it will reduce waste to one-third of its current amount.

Additionally, since YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ excels in its light-weight and its ability to retain heat and moisture, we believe that they can serve as a replacement material for items such as natural down and agricultural sheets, thus contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the alleviation of climate change.

R&D Center currently under construction (Yokosuka)
R&D Center currently under construction (Yokosuka)

Primary operational initiatives:

Purchase electricity generated by renewable sources and introduce solar-power systems


As our company aims to participate in “Sai-Ene 100 RE Action1” ("Sai-Ene" means renewable energy), our plan is to convert our main operational sites to use renewable energy. Therefore, starting in November 2020, we will gradually transition three facilities (the Yokosuka Media Lab, Saga Plant, and YRP New R&D Center) to use electricity sourced wholly from renewable energy.