Cultivate people who spark innovation

Basic Approach and Implementation

With businesses diversifying and expanding globally, there is an increasing need for outstanding personnel. Our company is therefore engaged in initiatives that focus on the areas below.

Approach to ensuring talented personnel

  • Cultivate the leaders of the next generation by selecting individuals with high potential and using 360-degree feedback.
  • Systematically train those individuals for future management positions.
  • Create a system for securing and developing young talent with a focus on optimizing the deployment of human resources.
  • Consider the use of outsourcing to compensate for personnel shortages.

Our company considers human resource strategies to be a critical management area. Under the direction of top management, our HR department coordinates with each operational division to promote hiring and ensuring the workforce as efficient personnel.

Primary Initiative 1 : Diversity

—Localization strategies for globalization of organizations and personnel 

We are engaged in the following initiatives as we work to develop  self-reliance that matches the workforce capability, locality and other required considerations of each subsidiary.

  • Accept trainees from abroad via the introduction of a global matrix system, which will help improve shared technology, skills, knowledge, product quality, and work quality throughout the corporate group
  • Stimulate interaction with overseas colleagues (for example, hold a bi-annual GMM*~{1} and an annual GAM*~{2})
  • Develop a system for rehiring retirees (four part-time employees)
  • Promote work-life balance (zero overtime)
  • Impose zero quotas (allow each individual to utilize their skills and produce results to their own maximum capability in a self-disciplined manner)
  • Actively hire and train female employees as managers

*~{1}Global Marketing Meeting; *~{2}Global Accounting Meeting

Primary Initiative 2 : Training the Next Generation

—Introduction of a talent-management system

Below are our initiatives for cultivating the next generation with an eye to the future.

  • Improve skills and knowledge by holding seminars and training 
  • Study measures for improving motivation to retain personnel  
  • Improve motivation and promote work efficiency by assigning the right people to the right positions based on assessments of their potential
  • Eliminate seniority by length of service and conduct appropriate performance reviews to boost motivation
  • For performance reviews of group managers abroad, introduce the global matrix that the head office uses and consolidate them under the same global matrix managed by the head office and improve the adequacy of those reviews
  • Implement job rotations throughout the group to improve experience, skills, perspective, and objectivity