Safe and reliable products and supply

Basic Approach and Implementation

Our corporate group uses its quality-management system to manufacture products under strict quality standards.


We’ve created an ISO Office under our president to implement systems for managing product quality and environmental activities, including our acquisition of the ISO 9001:2015 (JIS Q 9001:2015) certification.


Governance System

Primary Initiative 1: BCP

We adjust the production volume between each of our sites, that is, Cebu, Saga, and Suzhou (outsourced production) if necessary, based on our BCP and maintain an alternate-production system.

Primary Initiative 2: Add facilities for manufacturing regular masks and medical-use masks

The spread of COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down in many countries of the world, and the pandemic continues to cause significant social problems such as economic losses. Due to the rapid proliferation of the coronavirus in Japan, demand for regular masks (daily use masks for the general public) greatly exceeded their supply, and critical inventory shortages were a serious social problem for a while. Moreover, the supply of medical-use masks was in an even worse state than that of regular masks. Under this backdrop, our company launched a new healthcare division and made plans to increase production of medical-use masks as well as to add the facilities needed to manufacture regular masks. We also intend to work with other companies to expand the market for the regular masks we produce.

Primary Initiative 3: Research and development for achieving clean transport

As we research and develop the YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™, we would like to contribute to achieving clean transport by taking steps such as the application of the material to a separator as a component of fuel cell.

Feedback from customers

We have received a great deal of positive feedback from our customers. Moving forward, we will continue striving to improve customer satisfaction and enterprise value by providing high-quality products and support services.