Filtration performance of the YAMASHIN Filter Mask™

We’ve performed comparative testing of our mask and other products, including N95 masks.

VIDEOThe results show dust (particles of 1 µm in diameter) pass easily through general non-woven disposable masks and cloth masks. In contrast, few particles pass through the YAMASHIN Filter Mask™ or N95 mask.

VIDEOSimply attaching YAMASHIN Filter Sheets™ to inside general non-woven disposable and cloth masks blocked the passage of most dust.

Results of mask performance comparison tests


Under the test conditions, the YAMASHIN Filter Mask™ demonstrated filtration performance equivalent to the N95 mask.


YAMASHIN Filter Sheets™ significantly improved the filtration performance of general non-woven disposable masks and cloth masks.

It is our hope that the high performance filter masks and filter sheets developed and manufactured by YAMASHIN, a filtration specialist, will be widely used by medical personnel and others to help to minimize health risks. As a world leader in filtration products, we plan to make extensive efforts to continue providing these filter masks and sheets.

Overview of mask performance comparison tests

The performance comparison test was conducted by Yamashin, R&D department in the following conditions. (April 26, 2020)


Main filter media

Filter material composition