For 3 years in a row, our subsidiary company, YAMASHIN THAI Ltd. once again received the “BEST OF THE BEST” award from PT Komatsu Marketing and Support Indonesia (KMSI) this year, as a reward for its high-class performance. The evaluation was based on various criteria such as product’s quality, delivery due date’s compliance rate, etc. and YAMASHIN THAI Ltd. received the award for excelling in each of those criteria. YAMASHIN THAI Ltd. also received the “BEST LEAD TIME” award for providing high contributions in the lead time aspect. In addition, one of YAMASHIN THAI Ltd.’s employee received a personal award for participating in numerous gatherings and trainings that were held by KMSI in Indonesia and for providing great contributions in educating the Komatsu’s staff and customers.


As a group, we will continue to strive further in improving customer satisfaction and corporate value by providing high quality products and services in filtration business.