YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ is a groundbreaking
new material that will improve society.

In 1978, YAMASHIN developed and produced a glass fiber
that is used for in-house filter element production.
This specially-developed technology has made Yamashin a global
top niche filter manufacturer in the construction machinery field.
In 2017, Yamashin developed and succeeded
in the mass production of nanofibers (YAMASHIN Nano Filter™).
With YAMASHIN Nano Filter™,
Yamashin is embarking on a new challenge - to enter into
new fields beyond the filtration business.

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

Huge Possibilities

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ presents the possibility of leading
a paradigm shift in the materials sector

With its unique properties and production flexibility, YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ addresses problems
that could not previously be solved using conventional materials.
Wide selection
of resin
  • Adjustable melting point : 200 ~ 320 °C
  • The most suitable resin can be selected
  • Adjustable diameter : 150 nm ~ 10 μm
  • The fiber diameter distribution can be selected specifically, as required
  • High porosity / high surface area
  • High sound absorption, heat insulation,self-extinguishing properties (non-combustibility / flame retardance)

Adjustable to meet customers’ specific requirements

The YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ technology, which is adjustable for a wide range of melting points , allows a large choice and combination of resins.
Moreover, the fiber diameter can be adjusted to values between 150 nm and 10 µm. Resins, when thinned down to the nano level, will have new characteristics, such as high polarity, larger specific-surface area, self-extinguishing (flame retardant) , and heat/sound insulating properties that the materials don’t innately have. Using this technology, it is now possible to meet the customer needs that were not possible using conventional filter media.

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

Diameter Comparison

Nanofibers are defined as a fibrous form of material having a diameter of 1 nm ~ 1,000nm (1μm).
New physical properties can be obtained by thinning fibers to the nano level. By using this mechanism, Yamashin is currently developing various new raw materials.

Diameter Comparison
YAMASHIN Nano Filter™


YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be created using a wide range of
polymers with different properties

The YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ production method is highly flexible. It allows use of a wide range of polymers with different properties to create nanofibers in a variety of lot sizes and in a desired 3D form for your fabrication needs.
1μm or less
With this technology, a wide range of polymer types can be used to produce nanofibers.
YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be used to solve problems in application areas that cannot be addressed using conventional methods.
3D Structure
Because YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be formed into 3D structures, it has higher porosity compared to conventional nanofibers, which can only be formed into relatively flat structures. Due to its structural properties, YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ provides superior benefits, such as heat and sound insulation, which conventional nanofiber structures do not have. When utilized in air filters, the dust capture ability is greatly improved.
Small lot size
The YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ technology is capable of producing fiber structures in a desired form and with a required diameter distribution using selected polymers, allowing easy polymer replacement, and enabling small lot production.
If you have a polymer type that cannot be used for a particular application area, please contact us.
Cotton form
Cotton form
Roll form
Roll form
Cross sectional view of 3D structure
Cross sectional view of 3D structure

Fiber diameter distribution of YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

Fiber diameter distribution of YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

For example, when using PP (polypropylene) as the raw material, we can produce fiber diameters from 200nm ~ 3μm, with a peak diameter of 600 nm ~ 800 nm.
it is possible to produce diameters smaller than those obtained when using PET as the raw material.

Fiber diameter distribution of YAMASHIN Nano Filter™
YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

Unique Production Method

The YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ production method
has various advantages over other methods

The production method has been developed based on many years of accumulated expertise and know-how. Using this method, Yamashin hopes to further develop the potential and applicability of nanofibers - we are able to realize value that cannot be obtained with existing manufacturing methods, such as nanofibers production, response to a range of production demands such as small lots and mass production, and reductions in production costs.

Comparison (Pros & Cons)

Pros(+) and Cons(-)
Yamashin’s Melt-blown method + Various thermoplastic resins can be used
+ Adjustable diameter (150 nm ~ 10 μm)
+ Able to create different fiber structures (sheet form, cotton form, etc.)
+ Easy maintenance
+ Good productivity
Composite Spinning method + Uniform thickness, varying cross-section
+ Minimum fiber diameter of 150 nm
+ Suitable for thin films and medical field use
− Large equipment cost (min. 3 billion yen)
− Solvent required
Electrospinning method
(ESD method)
+ Ultrafine fiber with diameter of several 10 nm (1g/m2)
+ Heat sensitive substances can be turned into fibers
− High introduction cost
− Low productivity and low manufacturing safety
Ordinary Melt-blown method + Good productivity
− Production of ultrafine fiber diameter impossible
− Smallest diameter of roughly 800nm (fine tuning difficult for production of 1 μm or less)
YAMASHIN Nano Filter™


YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be utilized in a wide range of
industrial fields and applications

Due to its sound proof, heat insulating and flame retardant properties, YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be harnessed to bring cross cutting innovations to a wide range of application fields, including the environment, energy, health / medical care, social infrastructure, communications, and electronics. In addition, development of technology to bring new added value, such as deodorizing and sterilization properties, is currently underway, and YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ is expected to grow into a material that is indispensable for people’s daily lives.
Possibilities for
Air Filtration
  • High trapping efficiency
  • Small pressure drop
  • High trapping amount
  • Deodorization & Absorption
  • Sterilization

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™
features suitable for air filtration

Air Filter

More compact and lighter,
with higher performance

Due to its significantly smaller diameter (150 nm ~ 10 μm), YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ displays a higher trapping efficiency, smaller pressure drop, and higher performance compared to conventional products, and is also more compact and lighter. Addition of extra features (deodorization and sterilization, etc.) is also under development by harnessing its large surface area.

Possibilities for
  • High porosity
  • Self-extinguishing / Flame-retardant
  • Sound proof
  • Light weight
  • High heat insulation

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™
features suitable for automotive applications


Making future automobile
environments more comfortable

By harnessing its excellent self-extinguishing / flame-retardant and soundproof and heat insulating properties, YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ can be employed as a highly heat insulating, soundproof material, realizing a safer and more comfortable automobile indoor space.
Furthermore, we can also provide lighter-weight, environmentally friendly air filters and battery heat shielding materials with higher performance.

Possibilities for
  • High porosity
  • Self-extinguishing / Flame-retardant
  • Sound proof
  • Light weight
  • High heat insulation

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™
features suitable for construction materials

Building Materials

Supporting comfortable,
ecological living

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ has great potential for building materials.
For example, it can be used as a flame-retardant material for ceilings and walls due to its self-extinguishing properties, a soundproof material for walls and floors, and a toxic substance absorption sheet, etc. YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ not only improves living comfort in a cost-effective manner, but is also people and environmentally friendly.

Future outlook for YAMASHIN Nano Filter™

Toward higher added-value materials with deodorization and sterilization properties

In addition to the existing properties of YAMASHIN Nano Filter™, we are developing higher performance materials by utilizing the large specific-surface area feature and providing them with additional properties, such as deodorization and sterilization, and further evolution as a material is expected.

Possibilities for
For Society

Possibilities for Social and Industrial

With the expectation of cost and application advantages over conventional products in a wide range of fields, including electronics, medical / biotechnology, agriculture, apparel, cosmetics, and daily necessities, in the future, YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ will contribute to realization of a prosperous society, by serving as an indispensable material for people’s lives.

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™


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