A cleanliness monitor
that redefines the
status quo.

No more bubble trouble.

Bubbles in hydraulic and lubrication fluids can cause
major problems for monitoring equipment.
These bubbles can be mis-identified as abrasive contamination
by monitoring equipment and cause sudden equipment malfunction.
By using continuous monitoring that is not affected by bubbles,
we are now able to prevent problems that have long been
troublesome for people working in the field.
a new sensor that not only solves these problems, but can also
be installed at a much lower cost than ordinary optical measuring
equipment and end your “bubble trouble,” once and for all.

Why do you need

Abrasive contamination
is the single greatest enemy
of hydraulic equipment.

Abrasive contamination is the top cause of malfunctions in hydraulic and lubrication systems. As shown in Figure 1), a research study by Dr. Rabinowicz of Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates that abrasion accounts for 50% of hydraulic system malfunctions. In fields requiring highly reliable operation, sensors that measure noise, vibration, and current are mounted on hydraulic systems, and values are constantly monitored. However, when one of these sensors detects an abnormality, it indicates that some type of malfunction has occurred within the system. SWIFTROCK™ detects the start of abnormal abrasion Figure 2), which is the main cause of malfunction in hydraulic and lubrication systems, contributing to maintenance of both the original reliability and service life of equipment.
Figure 1) Causes of Malfunctions in Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems
Figure 2) Early Detection of Abnormalities through the Continuous Monitoring of Abrasive contamination in Fluid
Consider human health as an example. Many people use annual health exams as an indicator of health. However, sometimes health problems can creep up unexpectedly, costing time and money for treatment. If we could constantly monitor all of our health-related values, we would be able to address issues before they manifest as physical ailments. The same principle applies to hydraulic systems. By constantly monitoring hydraulic fluid, which plays the role of blood, we can quickly detect the abnormal occurrence of abrasive contamination and prevent major defects. YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. developed SWIFTROCK™ based on this concept. Introducing this product will enable prevention of sudden malfunctions in hydraulic and lubrication equipment, ending your “bubble trouble.”
Figure 1) Causes of Malfunctions in Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems
Figure 2) Early Detection of Abnormalities through the Continuous Monitoring of Abrasive contamination in Fluid
Six Strengths of
Offering value by realizing the continuous
inspection of hydraulic and lubrication equipment.
Here are six innovative features and functions
Greatly reduces
initial cost.

harnessed our superior R&D
and engineering capabilities
to achieve unrivaled initial cost.

It is not unusual to see existing optical particle counters priced in the millions of yen (tens of thousands of US dollars). In contrast, SWIFTROCK™ is able to substantially reduce initial cost through the use of LEDs. The system’s compact size also makes it easy to install. The many features implemented through YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.’s superior R&D capabilities make it possible to greatly reduce cost.

Greatly reduces initial cost. Greatly reduces initial cost.

Advantages of

Compact design :
141mm × 86mm × 45mm (H × W × D)
5.5” × 3.4” × 1.8” (H × W × D)

Hydraulic and lubrication systems have become more compact. SWIFTROCK’s compact and robust design makes it easy to install in a wide variety of systems.

SWIFTROCK™ enables
measurements that are
not influenced by bubbles.

Overcomes the greatest weakness
hindering the cleanliness monitoring
of hydraulic and lubrication fluids.
End your “bubble troubles”
once and for all.

Because they are optical, existing particle counters
have the disadvantage of measuring bubbles as particles.
YAMASHIN-FILTER’s proprietary technology enables
SWIFTROCK™ to measure cleanliness accurately,
without misdetecting bubbles as contamination.
This successfully overcomes the greatest weakness hindering
the cleanliness monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

Countermeasure Technology

YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. has successfully developed a technology for measuring bubbles and solid particles separately (patent pending), realizing cleanliness monitoring that is focused only on abrasive contamination, which is the greatest cause of malfunctions in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Robustly handles
flow rate fluctuations.

SWIFTROCK™ provides reliable performance, even
when the inflow rate is unstable.

There are cases in which fluctuations in the flow rates of hydraulic systems prevent measurement by particle counters.
SWIFTROCK™ can perform accurate measurements of cleanliness within the range of 1.2 to 5.0 L/min. (0.26 GPM to 1.32 GPM)

Pulse Countermeasure Technology

Sensor output remains constant,
even when the inflow rate into the sensor varies.

There are always fluctuations in the flow rate in hydraulic and lubrication system circuits. YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. has developed a proprietary technology to prevent such fluctuations from impacting performance (patent pending). This technology can be used for both inline and online applications.

Secure under

Rigid and robust design enables installation on high pressure circuits.

SWIFTROCK™ accurately measures cleanliness under the harshest of conditions. In an impulse test, which tests resistance under high-pressure conditions, our design passed 2.1 million applications of 56 MPa (8,122 PSI) without plastic deformations, cracks, or leaks.

Pressure Resistant
Design Technology

SWIFTROCK’s safe and secure design exhibits no
plastic deformations, cracks, or leaks after 2.1 million
applications of 56 MPa pressure.

Construction machinery operates in harsh environments. YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. which has the top market share in high-pressure filters for construction machinery, employs durable casing designs and robust manufacturing technologies. Our sensors can measure cleanliness accurately, even under high-pressure conditions. This is also a strength of SWIFTROCK™.

Withstands high

Able to measure cleanliness even
at high-temperature conditions
of 100℃ (212°F).

Although LEDs have the property of displaying decreased light-emission efficiency at high temperatures, SWIFTROCK™ has a built- in feature that adds a correction corresponding to LED temperature, enabling stable measurement.

Environmental Resistance Technology

Equipped with a built-in function to
add a correction factor corresponding
to LED temperature to sensor output.

Although LEDs display decreased light-emission efficiency at high temperatures, our temperature correction feature enables use under temperature conditions ranging from -30oC to 100oC (-22°F to 212°F).

Helps Reduce Workload.

Helps reduce workload,
supporting production sites.

SWIFTROCK™ minimizes the amount of system maintenance required through remote notifications that can be triggered when a value exceeds the threshold, eliminating downtime.

The future of cleanliness inspections of hydraulic and lubrication systems

SWIFTROCK™ supports ICT and the Transition
to IoT in a Wide Range of Industries.

Although YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. has primarily offered products for construction machinery,
SWIFTROCK™ can be used in all industrial fields. With the advent of IoT comes the creation of smarter and more productive environments enabling end-users to monitor systems in real-time at any time.
YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.’s SWIFTROCK™ supports the transition to IoT
and the creation of smart factories in all industries.
Steel and Metals Plants
Construction/Mining Machinery
Paper mills
Power plants
Wind and hydro-electric power plants
Machine tools



No. Items Specification Remarks
1 Maximum working pressure 42 MPa (6,091 PSI) -
2 Working fluid
temperature range
-30°C to 100°C
-22°F to 212°F
3 Working flow rate range 1.2 to 5.0 L/min. Approximate standard
4 Measurable fluids Fluids compatible with
nitrile rubber sealant
and transparent to LED light.
Cannot measure emulsions
or cloudy fluids mixed with water.
5 Measurable
cleanliness range
AS4059 (former NAS)
Level 6 to 12, or equivalent
Level ±1 (Approximate)
6 Measurable particle
- Inferred from the above
measurement results.
7 Internal sealant Nitrile rubber -
8 Attachment to main unit 9/16-18 UNF -
9 Dust and water resistance IP68 -
10 Power DC9V to 36V -
11 Piping port size 2-9/16-UNF No specification of flow direction.
Either port can be used
for both in/out.
→ Scroll to display the whole.
*The above specifications are subject to change without notice.


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