We provide various types of air filters for a wide range of settings,
such as office buildings, factories, machines, and vehicles.

We have the second largest market share* in Japan for coarse filters and the fifth largest market share* in Japan for medium-to-high performance filters.


* Source: Overview and Forecast of High-Performance Separation Membrane/Filter Technology and Market 2018 by Fuji Keizai

Air filters are used in every aspect of society, from industry to daily life. Air filters are not only indispensable for economic activities, they are also extremely important for our health and the global environment.

AQC Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in air filters within the YAMASHIN Group (YAMASHIN), produces air filters used in various fields and settings. AQC is expanding its business with a production system that enables quick response to customer needs.
AQC has commercialized a new nanofiber air filter featuring small pressure drop and high collection efficiency by utilizing mass produced YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ (our proprietary technology). AQC is promoting the nanofiber air filter for application to office buildings, factories, railroad cars, home appliances, and more.