With YAMASHIN NANO FILTER®, synthetic polymer nanofibers produced using a proprietary patented manufacturing method*¹, we provide high-performance air filter media that achieve lower pressure drop and longer service life in addition to higher collection performance of MERV14*².


*1 Patented in four countries and one region including the United States and Europe.

*2 Our nanofiber air filter media products are not available in Japan. Contact us for assembled air filters with our nanofiber media available in Japan

High-performance air filters are generally made of glass or synthetic fibers. Our new YAMASHIN NANO FILTER® contains synthetic fibers mostly with a diameter of 400 nm to 600 nm, which is extremely fine even for nanofibers, while general synthetic fiber filter media have a fiber diameter of 1,500 nm to 2,000 nm. In addition, a 3D structure is formed with layers of different size of fibers, resulting in high porosity. These make it possible to create air filter products with the advantages of higher collection performance, lower pressure drop, and longer useful life.

In Japan, one of our group companies, AQC Corporation sells a high-performance air filter called NanoWHELP® using YAMASHIN NANO FILTER®. NanoWHELP® has a wide range of product lineup such as MERV13 to 16-certified ones as well as semi-HEPA. Specifically, the MERV14-certified model has an average collection rate of 96% against PM2.5 and the rate of pressure drop is approximately 30% lower than conventional products. Additionally, the increase in pressure drop stays gradual over time, resulting in a long service life, which contributes to a reduction in maintenance costs as well as CO₂ emissions by approximately 22% due to the reduction in waste. With such advantages, these new air filters have high recognition, and they are used not only in office buildings, but also in hospitals where high level of air cleanliness is maintained, data centers and server rooms where electricity consumption is high.

With state-of-the-art filter media, we are ready to make new partnerships with filter manufacturers around the world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests you may have, such as the product details or sales of rolls or any other formats.