In September 2020, we decided to raise funds for the implementation of ESG. We are establishing quantitative goals with enhanced monitoring while creating a company-wide implementation system

which is managed by the executive team.

We decided to issue “Sustainable FITs”

On September 8, 2020, our company decided to issue its fifth round of stock warrants (“Sustainable FITs”*~{1} with exercise/suspension clauses) in a private stock offering. We intend to use the funds for capital investment in facilities related to YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ and for expanding our business portfolio, research and development investment to increase the application of YAMASHIN Nano Filter™, and future strategic investment such as M&A, capital and business alliance. The total planned amount is 11.6 billion yen. As we work to find solutions for social challenges by diversifying our business portfolio and achieving further growth, raising this necessary capital will enhance the effectiveness of those initiatives. 

Creating a company-wide implementation system managed by executive team

Currently, our Administrative Division (the Corporate Planning Department and General Affairs Department) is involved in promoting ESG, CSR, and sustainability within the company. However, we are considering establishing a dedicated section within the division to handle ESG and sustainability, and forming a company-wide project overseen by our president as the project owner.

Establishing quantitative goals with enhanced monitoring

By providing an overview of the sustainability project for which funds raised by the Sustainable FITs are appropriated and disclosing information such as the total allocated amounts, funds yet to be allocated, and the positive impact that our sustainability project has on society and the environment, we ensure the effectiveness of those initiatives and fulfill our obligation to inform investors. To that end, we are working to establish quantitative targets with enhanced monitoring. 


*~{1} Flexible Issuer’s Transactions, the name used by Nomura Securities Co. Ltd. (the recipient of the private offering) to refer to fundraising methods like this stock warrant private offering