Cartridge (Filtration Media)


Polypropylene formed filter using PTFE membrane. Excellent resistance to organic solvents of strong acid or strong alkali.


Filter with high accuracy of filtration for high flow rate applications. Main filtration medium is polyethersulfone. Used as final filter in pure water line.


MWE series

Ultra-fine polyester fiber for filtration medium and polypropylene for the hard part. The filter with low pressure loss and long life. Excellent for the filtration of pure water and various organic solvents.

MWH series

Made from 100% polyester that uses ultra-fine polyester fiber for filtration medium. Very excellent for heat resistance and organic solvent resistance. Has high filtration performance.


Made from 100% polypropylene that uses ultra-fine polypropylene fiber. Excellent on acid resistance and alkali resistance. Used for various inorganic chemicals, corrosive fluid and other wide range uses.


MPA series

Made from 100% nylon, that uses ultra-fine nylon fiber. Displays excellent performance for chlorinated solvents , and CFC’s .


MWX series

Combining polypropylene and polyester as a filtration medium. Very effective for the filtration of pure water, various organic solvents and gelatinous particles.

NPE series

Combining polypropylene and polyester as a filtration medium. Gasket seal made from polypropylene.

Glass Fiber

GPE series

Polypropylene formed filter using original glass fiber and polyester sub-filtration medium. High dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop.

GAM/GAE series

Filter which realized all-in-one foam packing of polyethylene using glass fiber combining filtration media to pursue cost performance.

GET/GEN series

Polyester formed glass fiber filter of combined filtration media. Stable performance with excellent heat resistance for the circulation filtration in washer and paper tanks using chlorinated solutions.


SUP series

Filter of pleated stainless mesh formed with polypropylene member. Can control operating costs because it can be reused by after washing.

SUE series

Filter of pleated stainless mesh formed with polyester membrane that is excellent for heat resistance and solvent resistance.


SCH series

Economical general-purpose wound (bobbin) filter that has SUS304 core made with cotton yarn. Excellent for heat resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance.

PPH series

Most general use wind filter made of 100% polypropylene that has excellent chemical resistance. Used for rough filtration of various fluids and pre-filtration of various filters.


ESH series

SUS 304 sanitary housing that fastens body and cover with swing bolts.

ESV series

Economical SUS 304 housing that fastens body and cover with V-band.

EFH series

SUS 316 and SUS 304 housing for single cartridge that consists of body and cover.

EKP series

Made of 100% polypropylene with 10 inches filter set. Sizes of φ70 and φ83 external diameter (OD) are available.

EAS series

10 inch sized polypropylene housing for single cartridge suitable for general use with transparent body made of ABS/AS resin.

EAP series

Polypropylene housing for single cartridge consists of head and case. Standard size of element is 10 inches and 20 inches in length.

Special Housing

Applicable to wide range of applications from a single cartridge for low flow rate to a large capacity housing for use with YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.’s excel series filters.


CAPSULE series

Disposable filter that incorporates small pleated filter element into a polypropylene made container.