YAMASHIN has just launched the sustainability section of its website.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "仕濾過事” (Rokajini Tsukafuru), which means “contributing to society through filter business”, our group is working to enhance the corporate sustainability by engaging in initiatives that help to solve the challenges that society faces, such as those related to ESG and SDGs with the three themes of “environment,” “air quality,” and “health.”

The medium-to-long term goal of our business management strategies is to evolve from a company that specializes in construction-machinery filters to a comprehensive filter manufacturer. In order to achieve sustainable growth over the medium term, our efforts are focused on 1) expanding our business portfolio, 2) improving profitability, 3) enhancing the training of personnel, and 4) further perfecting our corporate governance. When advancing these growth strategies, we will capitalize on our technology for mass-producing the YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™—our original nanofiber non-woven material—as we aim to apply this material to not only our core business of construction-machinery filters but to many other domains as well, such as air filters, apparel, and healthcare.

In this way, our corporate group will actively contribute to achieving a sustainable economy and society while we strive to improve our enterprise value and strike a harmonious balance between business growth and ESG initiatives.

I am grateful to everyone for your continued support as we work toward our goals.


Atsuhiko Yamazaki, CEO and Representative Director