YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. provides customized transmission (drive-train) filter solutions to help customers reduce down-time and improve system performance. 

YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.'s transmission filters are used in many on-highway/off-highway applications.  Mechanical Transmissions and hydraulic oil driven hydrostatic systems generate metallic and other contamination. These contaminants cause damage to transmission components if not filtered properly.  YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP.'s proprietary filter media and market-leading solutions  has allowed us to build a strong reputation in this market.

Product images

(The filter shown above is an example)
(The filter shown above is an example)

Key points

  • Transmission filters are used in transmission(drive-train) circuits for on-highway/off-highway machinery. 
  • Mechanical wear generates contamination including metallic debris. 
  • YAMASHIN-FILTER CORP. uses proprietary filter media designed specifically for drive-train applications.