YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ brings cross-cutting innovation 
to a wide range of fields with its sound absorption,
heat insulation, and flame retardancy.

YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™, by taking advantage of its sound absorption, heat insulation, and flame retardancy,  can be used in a wide range of fields.

Seeking to make it a material indispensable in people’s lives, we are currently developing new technologies to add odor elimination and sterilization properties to YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™.

YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ meets detailed requirements while retaining its outstanding properties

The YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ manufacturing process allows for the use of various types of resins with a wide range of melting points. By using resins with a specific melting point suitable for each application and transforming them into nanofibers, it is possible to give YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™, our proprietary nanofiber non-woven material, required properties including high porosity, large specific surface area, heat insulation, sound insulation, and self-extinguishment (flame retardance). YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ allows free control of the fiber diameter over a wide range from 150 nm to 10 μm, meaning it can meet more detailed requirements that were difficult to meet with existing materials.

Wide range of resins usable

  • Melting point: 200 to 320°C
  • Various sorts of resins usable according to the purpose

Fiber diameter controllable

  • Fiber diameter: 150 nm to 10 μm
  • Fiber diameter distribution adjustable

Superb functional properties

  • High porosity and large specific surface area
  • Heat insulation, sound insulation, and self-extinguishment (flame retardancy)