Evolving into a global comprehensive filter manufacturer


"Construction machinery filters", ”Air filters & Air filter media", and "Healthcare products"

Focusing on these three markets, YAMASHIN develops high value-added products,
drawing on unique and proprietary technologies,
to address social issues for sustainable development of society.

YAMASHIN draws on unique and proprietary technologies to develop high value added products and to address social needs related to sustainable development in these three areas.

Since its founding in 1956, the YAMASHIN Group (YAMASHIN) has developed, manufactured, and sold unique filter products, primarily for use in construction machinery, and has built up proprietary technologies in the filtration field for about 70 years.

We have expanded our business portfolio into air filter, and are venturing further into the healthcare sector by developing and manufacturing mask filters based on our proprietary nanofiber technologies.

As a comprehensive filter manufacturer across three markets; construction machinery filters, air filters & air filter media, and healthcare, YAMASHIN is globally expanding efforts to address social needs related to filtration and achieve sustainable development of society and the company.