Our high-performance filters
can be used in regions where low-quality fuel is common

Fuel filters are used in construction machinery to remove contaminants and water from diesel fuel.

Countries worldwide are tightening exhaust gas emission rules, leading to significant improvements in the environmental performance of engines. To achieve those improvements, however, engines need to be more complex and use cleaner fuel.

Exhaust gas emission regulations are set to become stricter, even in emerging countries where low-quality fuel containing contaminants is sold widely. This trend is likely to spur even greater interest in filters.

Product images

(The filter shown above is an example)
(The filter shown above is an example)

Key points

  • Fuel filters remove contaminants from diesel fuel
  • Exhaust gas emission regulations are becoming stricter worldwide
  • Filters are likely to become even more important in emerging countries, where low-quality fuel is widespread