Using our expertise in industrial machinery

to supply optimum filters to users

The YAMASHIN Group also supplies filters for hydraulic units that are not used in construction machinery. We call them industrial filters to distinguish them from construction machinery filters. Industrial filters are used to filter hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil and other liquids in a wide range of industrial machinery such as machine tools, compressors for cooling equipment, agricultural machinery, ships, rolling stock, planes and helicopters.

Application fields


Filtration of lubricating oil and fuel lines in engines

【Agricultural machinery】

Filtration of hydraulic and fuel lines

【Compressors for cooling equipment】

Filtration of lubrication fluid in equipment that compresses a refrigerant for cooling systems

【Railroad & ships】

Filtration of various oil and fluid lines in rolling stock and ships


Filtration of aircraft jet fuel, lubricating oil in helicopter rotors and other applications

【Machine tools】

Filtration of fluid used in hydraulic lines in machine tool lathe chucks, preventing contamination from cutting fluid and other sources