We aim to help to protect the global environment with our technological innovation and materials revolution based on our corporate philosophy: “Contribute to society through our filter business” 

YAMASHIN’s corporate philosophy is "仕濾過事” (Rokajini Tsukafuru),  which means “Contribute to society through our filter business.” This also includes protecting the global environment. YAMASHIN is taking initiatives to help reduce environmental burdens through development of environment-friendly technologies and products and to help prevent environmental pollution to protect the global environment.

YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ serving to reduce environmental burdens with its high dust collection performance

As environmental regulations are getting tighter in the construction machinery industry, filters need to be improved with higher environmental technology. YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™, which is made of fine fibers, reduces CO2 emissions from construction machinery and automobiles and removes PM2.5 with its high dust collection performance, thereby serving to reduce environmental burdens.
When used for air filters, YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ helps provide clean air in daily life to reduce the risk of health damage.

SWIFTROCK™ based on IOC/IoT for longer construction machinery life

Abrasion powder is the top cause of failure of hydraulic and lubrication mechanisms, which are important components of construction machinery. As a filter manufacturer aiming to prevent failure in construction machinery, we have developed SWIFTROCK™ to aim to prevent failure in construction machinery, which is designed to monitor the cleanliness of oil, or the amount of abrasion power in the oil flowing through a filter used in a hydraulic component. By using SWIFTROCK™, you can predict and prevent a potential failure and significantly extend the machine’s life, which means that you can also reduce environmental burdens.

SWIFTROCK™ cleanliness monitor
SWIFTROCK™ cleanliness monitor