We are expanding our global reach, supplying a diverse line of products to North American, European, Chinese, and other Asian markets
as well as to the domestic market.

We are also expanding our market share even in China, the worldʼs largest market 
for our environmental performance, superb quality, and global network.

Construction machinery filters, the long-term mainstay of the YAMASHIN Group (YAMASHIN), are used in various mechanical components of construction machinery that are indispensable for their operation. These filters are essential parts that significantly influence the failure rate and lifespan of the construction machinery. As construction machinery is more advanced and equipped with more functions, numerous filters are required to be installed in the mechanical components. YAMASHIN is providing a wide variety of construction machinery filters not only for hydraulic circuits, but also for transmissions, engine oil, and fuel.

In addition, with environmental regulations getting tighter in the global construction machinery industry, expectations regarding filters have been growing. In China, new types of construction machinery conforming to the fourth round of environmental regulations have been developed. YAMASHIN’s filters are being chosen for use in the new construction machinery for their superior environmental performance.

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