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YAMASHIN’s biggest strengths are our flexibility in the face of change—we have always grown and developed while determining the needs of current society and designing our products and technologies accordingly.――
This ability to adapt to change is our greatest strength.

About 70% Market share in hydraulic filters for construction machinery
1Ability to adapt

Market leader
in construction machinery filters

Hydraulic filters for construction machinery are a mainstay of YAMASHIN's product line. These products filter the hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems, diesel fuel, and the lubricants needed to keep engines running. The strong performance of our filters under high temperature and pressure has helped us cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base, and we now claim an overwhelming majority of the market.

2Ability to adapt

The lifeblood of construction machinery

Construction machinery, which is powered by hydraulics, often finds use in unforgiving environments such as jungles and desert regions. Hydraulic filters are the key to extending the service life of such construction machinery. With breakdowns of construction machinery often attributed to poor oil quality, due to contaminants such as abrasive metal powders, it is impossible to overstate the importance of hydraulic filters.

history from Founding period to Innovation period
3Ability to adapt

Adapting technology

YAMASHIN did not start out as a specialized manufacturer of filters for construction machinery. Originally a tailor of canvas products, our technological evolution saw us develop new filter media from paper, glass fiber, and ultimately nanofibers for construction machinery filters, leading the industry at each turn. These products and technologies were the result of our efforts to adapt to the times and meet the demands of society.

4Ability to adapt

Going global

It is not only in products and technology where YAMASHIN has demonstrated its ability to adapt to change. Setting our sights beyond Japan, we have built our own supply chain encompassing development, production, and distribution on a global scale. YAMASHIN has grown by meeting challenges of globalization head-on, consolidating our ability to deliver high-quality products wherever in the world they are needed.


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