ESG Data


  • Amount of CO_{2} emitted
  • CO_{2} emission intensity
  • Amount of water used
  • Total waste produced and recycling ratio
  • Percentage of sales that environmentally conscious products comprise

(*Criteria set by our company)



【G】Number of board meetings held

  • Number of Audit & Supervisory Committee meetings held
  • Directors' attendance ratio for board meeting
  • Number of other committee meetings held

YAMASHIN’s Societal Contributions

As part of our corporate responsibility to society, we are engaged in global-level activities to protect the environment.

Planting mangrove trees

Each year, we are engaged in the planting of mangrove trees in Cebu, Philippines (home to one of our production facilities) to reduce CO_{2}.

Clean-Up Drive

Together with NGOs and the local government, we are engaged in water-purification activities in Cebu, Philippines (home to one of our production facilities).